TOIRES : Release of the album « Yasmina » on April, 16th – 2010

After “Hémisphère”, “Oued”, “Sanäti” and “Majmar”, here is “Yasmina” at last, Toires’s fifth opus coproduced with Mahana Bay Label. This album takes you far away; it proves to be a tasty mix of sonorities born from the fusion of  trance close to ambient; it mixes rock, break-beat, dub or trip-hop, in a post industrial atmosphere.

This double album composed in Morocco, with modern and contrasted sounds, is a kind of sonorous adventure filled with ethnics… a kaleidoscope of various works remixed in an amazing variety of musical styles, accompanied with a “best of live” previously recorded between 1999 and 2006, remade by the artist solo or accompanied with an orchestra.

An “Ethno-Electronic” opus to discover, with the participation of Gravity Co, Les Voisins D’En Face, Arketype Project, Namgyal, and the Anglo-Egyptian singer Natacha Atlas who gently lays her voice on two new versions of “Smoking Gun” and “Sanäti”.

This album is the result of travel, observation, meeting and exchange. Toires has matured and this work is the reflection of his electro change. “Yasmina” will certainly be present in a lot of compilations, like the artist’s previous creations.

 “Yasmina” is now available  in our shop online !




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