The album DIVE on Mahana Bay Label !

Recorded in England in the famous Realworld studios (Peter Gabriel) during the summer of 1999, DIVE has a bewitching musical beauty and seems out of time. The lyrics tell about war and power stories “Octave War”, of monarchs “Stay Gold”, of God “Chapelle”, “God and Fire”, of ocean depths “Dive”, the title in which the voice is the most evident…and snatches of poems “Apollinaire”. The arrangements are made with pure classical piano music mixed with synthetic sounds from trip-hop. The sound of a cathedral in the moor…

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  1. morgane

    August 16, 2016 (13:55) Reply

    C’est un album magique. Stay gold est un titre tellement puissant etvinspirant. Il yba aussi DIve qui est sublime. Je suis une fan absolu de Sophie Moleta qui me touche par ses textes et ses melodies

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