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    Electronic, Elecro Rock, World , Ambient

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Album songs



18ème Boudoir



Mahana Bay Label, Lyon – France


David Mascunan at Mastermix Labs Studio, Limoges – France

Design pochette

Vanessa Esposito

Composition pochette

Vanessa Esposito & Elysée Esposito


COLLECTOR BOX SET – Limited Edition

Mahana Bay Label proposes a Collector Box Set, Limited to 100 copies for the Label 5th Anniversary.

This 4 CDs box contains Mahana Bay Label last production : 18ème Boudoir, Electroslide, and de Toires’ double album.

Each cover is Vanessa Vanessa Esposito’s alias Arketype Project unique creation which is proposed digipack four-colour size.
The whole box is masterised by the most talented David Mascunan – MasterMix Labs Studios, a renowned sound engineer and the owner of a famous studio well-known in musical scene…

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The box is limited to 100 copies in the world only, don’t forget to order right now if you want to get it before the new year.