Glazart Paris : Tribal Fairies

 10 Glazart Paris

Date : February, 25th – 2012
Place: Paris – France
Arketype Project (live) – Tahiti

Trance tribal breath is going to blow up the Glazart next Saturday, February 25th !


Hadra Festival 2011

Date : July, 7-10th – 2012
Place: Lans-en-Vercors – France

VANESSA (Arkeype Project – Mahana Bay Label) Tahiti

TOIRES (Mahana Bay Label) France

Nothing better than a new edition of Hadra France Festival to celebrate with great pomp the last ten years of musical activity!
2011 : celebration year. Hadra association has been actively supporting electronic musics and the trance culture movement. There will be four days and three nights of music and dance in a colourful atmosphere.


Reminiscence – Lyon


Date : April, 21st – 2011
Place: Lyon – France

Party : VIP – Lyon’s in the Mix
Djset : VANESSA (Arketype Project / Mahana Bay Label) – Tahiti

Between two cups of champagne, let yourself be taken away into the gentleness of pearls and shells from South Pacific beaches, the subtle colours and reflections of the water, the secrets of the trip and the messages, the delights of childhood memories…


Toires : New album 


TOIRES : Release of the album « Yasmina » on April, 16th – 2010

After “Hémisphère”, “Oued”, “Sanäti” and “Majmar”, here is “Yasmina” at last, Toires’s fifth opus coproduced with Mahana Bay Label. This album takes you far away; it proves to be a tasty mix of sonorities born from the fusion of  trance close to ambient; it mixes rock, break-beat, dub or trip-hop, in a post industrial atmosphere. (more…)

Les Antiques et Modernes de Cassis


Date : October, 29th – November, 1st – 2010
Place: Office de Tourisme et des Congrès de Cassis

Sound Design : Vanessa Esposito (Mahana Bay Label)

During this new important display of antique and modern art organised by the Expert Gilbert Mouret and the Tourist Information Office and Congress of Cassis, and for which the designer and architect Elysée Esposito realised a definitely avant-garde décor.

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