8 Hadra festival 2012

Date : August, 30th – September, 2nd – 2012
Place: Lans-en-Vercors – France
Arketype Project : Live & Djset
Khaled Ben Yahia : Live

Arketype Project et Khaled Ben Yahia. The encounter of Oriental and Polynesian traditional musics with electronics.

En proposant avec talent la rencontre des musiques traditionnelles et de l’électronique, Vanessa Esposito alias Arketype Project et Khaled Ben Yahia sont de ceux qui participent à la musique de leur époque et celle de l’avenir.

Vanessa Esposito alias Arketype Project and Khaled Ben Yahia play a part in today and tomorrow’s musics through the brilliant mixing of tradition and electronics.
For four years, they have both shared the experience of performing on stage, and practising oriental music which Khaled taught Vanessa.
During her live and dj performance, Vanessa aka Arketype Project will take us into a musical trip full of electronic sonorities, on South Pacific and Oriental rhythms.

This event is also an invitation to meet the oud virtuoso Khaled Ben Yahia, and to enter his musical world. His brilliant orchestrations, compositions ant interpretation make him a renowned performer.He was indeed rewarded as the best Tunisian artist of the year 2007, and he knows a great deal about the maqams from his country and classical music as well. His close friend, the oud, will carry you along this concert on a path made up of Eastern and Western melodies.



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