The TIKAHIRI band, “the blood” was born from the encounter of four talented artists: Aroma, Mano, Stéphane and Simon, four different personalities who revolutionize the Polynesian musical landscape with their new style : “Paumotu gothic rock”.

The cellist Simon Pillard and the drummer Stéphane Rossoni have managed to interfere with the voices both guttural and clear of Aroma and Mano Salmon. The two brothers are composers, singers, and bass and guitar players as well. Their melodies are powerful, the lyrics in English and Paumotu quite heartrending, with bewitching rhythms… A deeply original music rooted in their lives. The cello gives the band its innovatory touch in Polynesian music.

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This unclassifiable “tribal rocklike” band throws a new light on the new Polynesian stage; the conventional pattern is upside down while the band breaks new ground and revolutionizes local styles : a quartet proving that a marriage is possible between classical instruments, gothic rock and Paumotu language.

No need to imprison that art with a label… it is just Rock, but electric underground rock, gothic rock and above all Paumotu gothic Rock !

The Salmon brothers :
The TIKAHIRI band is a project made up by Aroma and Mano Salmon. From the very start of their musical career in 1993 with the Maruapo band, the two artists have always made a point of being original and thus appreciated by various audiences. Their music is full of authenticity and sincerity in accordance with their image. Aroma and Mano Salmon were born in New Zealand. When the eldest was ten years old, the parents decided to come back to Polynesia. They discovered Tahiti and spoke English only. After a three day stopover, the entire family finally settled on the remote deserted “motu” (island) of Fakarava (Tuamotu Archipelago). They lived there for fifteen years : a school for life, with their parents to teach them, including music practice as well with their father who was a lover of classical and hard rock music. This unusual experience, far away from everything, will impress the two brothers for the rest of their life, and will be at the origin of their lyrics about lonely childhood, love, disappointment, emotions of two brothers facing life : a duet on the theme of non conformism which enlightens the skyline of the new Polynesian stage. Aroma and Mano have succeeded to stand out on stage with Stéphane and Simon, for the pleasure of increasing audiences eager for freshness and novelty in the Polynesian cultural landscape.

Stéphane Rossoni : an obvious musical experience !
After studying at Orsay National Conservatoire, and collaborating with numerous performers, Stephane proves to be an excellent drummer. He has been a teacher at the French Art Conservatoire of French Polynesia for over thirty years now and has always performed on the local stages (“fenua”). He has played with artists like Michel Poroi, Bobby and Angelo, Andy Tupaia… and he has also created his own band, the Tropical Combo Band. He has recorded about thirty CDs. Stephane met Aroma and Mano during the “nine weeks and one day” contest organized by RFO Polynésie.

Simon Pillard : an intense melody rocked by the cello.
Simon began studying the cello at the age of seven. He brilliantly achieved his music studies at Nantes and Paris conservatoires, and has been a teacher at the French Art Conservatoire of French Polynesia since 1999. He performed at many festivals, concerts, tours and operas. In 2002, he took part in the musical “Romeo and Juliet” at Opéra Bastille in Paris. His cello gives the guitar and the drums a classical touch. The mingling of such sonorities unveils a consistent harmony with the lyrics intensity.



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