Svenn is a French songwriter, a composer and a performer. Lulled very early by folk music, pop and blues, she creates an intimate and sensitive atmosphere in which the voice plays the main part in her artistic expression.

Her eclectic career reflects her rich musical influences.
After studying opera singing at the conservatory for five years and singing in choirs for baroque operas, Svenn is now following her track towards today’s electro and folk music projects.


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She participated in “Incepted”, the album released in February 2014 and composed by Jeff Kray from Lille. She played her part in two pieces, among them “Back from Brussels” for which she composed the music and the lyrics.

After two folk duets in 2011 and 2015, she decides to perform solo.

Svenn takes us along an acoustic trip on the edge, in accordance with a voice, a guitar and a piano, a successful balance between sensitivity and intensity.




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