Khaled Ben Yahia

Khaled Ben Yahia is considered as the best performer in Tunisia and the best foreign artist in France. He was born in Tunis in 1963. His father was a singer and passed him and his brother his love for music.
His studied with famous teachers like Sadok Amorri, Khaled Bassâ, Salah El Mehdi and Mohamed Saâda, his Master. He got the first prize of the Conservatoire in 1987, and the press declared him to be the best lute player of his generation.
This renowned Tunisian performer and composer is famous for his varied spiritual rhythms and his different international styles of music. His creations are a personal combination of instinct and technical top level playing.

Khaled Ben Yahia regularly plays as a soloist or in duets, trios and quartets. He plays a leading part in modern jazz and world music creations.
This virtuoso manages to offer his international audiences the universal symphony of his refined, shiny, warm Oriental tunes.

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Khaled Ben Yahia, strongly influenced by the Egyptian composer Mohammed Abel-Waheb, was also deeply impressed by two others Egyptian lute players: Kassobji and Rhiad Sounbati. Khaled gives a lot of recitals and he is a famous specialist of elaborated musics. He is among the best oud performers and composers, and he declared: “I endeavour to shake and renew classical style, while sticking to the soul of the oud”.
In May 1992, the film maker Jean-Paul Roux asked him to compose the music of his future film “La Reine de Djerba”.
Then Khaled left Tunisia for further studies in Lyons (French National Conservatory of the Region), in order to enlarge his musical research. His abilities for composition, interpretation and singing, enable him to propose concerts solo or with ensembles, and as a lute teacher as well.
In 1998, he had a concert at Lyons Opera with Lotfi Bouchnak for the “Biennale de la Danse”. After that, he kept performing as a solo oud player.

During his concerts, Khaled usually plays music from the traditional repertoire and his own compositions as well. The album “Wissal”, released in 2003, is the result of this work.
In 2004, he made “Tesnime”, a creation inspired by modern jazz rhythms and aesthetics with the violonist Bechir Selmi and Lasaad Hosni, playing the derbouka and the bendir : three concerts at Eljem and La Medina festivals in Tunisia.
The same year, he played in duet with the Tunisian singer Dorsaf Hamdani, on a tour in France, Morocco (Mawazine festival), Turkey (Konya Soufi music festival), and started working in Lyons with the jazz band “La Tribu Hérisson”, whose project was to mix modern jazz and Arabic-Andalusian music, and which eventually resulted in the release of the album “Pl(a)in Sud” in February 2007.
His taste for the musics of the world led him to perform with the Indian sitar player Ashok Patak and the percussionist Jacky Detraz. They gave concerts in France, Tunisia, India…
Besides, in 2006 he conducted “Mevlana”, a creation made up of Konya soufi and Tunisian songs, which ended the Medina Festival.
In 2008 and 2009, Khaled Ben Yahia increased his musical creations and collaborated with artists such as Bouhour al Ichk (soufi music show) or Hijazz (World Jazz), and he gave quite a number of recitals all over the world.

In 2005, the club Convergences declared him the “best foreign artist in France”.
He was awarded the prize of “Tunisia best performer of the year” in 2007.



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