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    Ambient · Electronic · Experimental · Modern Classical
Emanuele Errante is an Experimental-Ambient, Modern-Classic, Electronic music producer base in Naples, Italy.

After several experiences in local bands, he started his solo carreer in 2006, after a 2-years experience in the net-audio scene.

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His music is a very evocative and cinematic; the use of electronics is well dosed to allow a natural perception of his works.

He ranges from minimalism to lush introspective textures.

He collaborated with several artists and shared the stage with the main expérimental, ambient music global stars.


  • Migrations (Apegenine, Canada, 2006)
  • Humus (Somnia, USA, 2008)
  • Time Elapsing Handheld (Karaoke Kalk, Germany, 2011)

Collaborative albums:

  • Dakota Suite | Emanuele Errante – The North Green Down (Lidar, Holland, 2011 – Repressed on vinyl by Karaoke Kalk, Germany, 2015)
  • Herion – Out and About (Hypnos, USA, 2010)
  • ELEM – ELEM EP (Elastica, Italy, 2015)
  • ELEM – Godere Operaio (release due in 2017)
  • Dakota Suite, Dag Rosenqvist, Emanuele Errante & Machinefabriek – The Indestructibility of the Already Felled (Karaoke Kalk, Germany, release due in January 2017)



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