ELEM saw the light in 2012, during an electronic music improvisation night, held in a special place called “L’Asilo” – Arts and Culture Production Centre in Naples, Italy.

L’Asilo is a self-managed place, in which new languages are sought everyday, as well as new social, political and art forms. Not by chance ELEM was born in such a place, in which the experimentation and the intersection of languages are a daily routine.

Indeed, the project has immediately taken a strong inclination to improvisation with the desire to create an experimental relationship between audio and video media, in which different languages are mixed up so as to create a different, more articulated sense that can go beyond music.

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The first album by ELEM, released by Elastica Records in 2015, confirms the visionary direction of the band, with a pioneering work in the electronic music scene in terms of audio/video placing the project among the most avant-garde bands of the scene of the last years. With the release of 2015 it is immediately clear that ELEM, with its expressive freedom and unpredictability, represents more than a free and multi-faceted alternative to the trends of electronic majors, increasingly gagged in trends, genres and labelling.

As regards ELEM’s live sets, magmatic and dark vibrations mix up with a visionary and sophisticated visual performance, generating a unique live experience.

The project born under the volcano preserves the sharpness and the thrill of the land where it was born; just like a good wine, it can take the best from a place like Naples, which has always been an historical crossroad of people, sounds, bright colours, contamination, as porous as tuff. A city with a thousand souls, a land with great passions and a visceral dark side that reflects itself in the nature of its people and in their way to conceive life.

ELEM is a project that can not only make you dance but can also bring you on a roller-coaster where the insistent beat and the hypnotic images follow one another in a total freedom of creativity, without smugness, but with the will to explore without limits or trends, new art languages and sounds.

Since 2017 ELEM has been made up of three members, after Emanuele Errante left the group to pursue other music projects. In the meantime ELEM has continued its path with a new release and a new videoclip scheduled for spring 2018.

Elem are :
Loredana Antonelli (multimedia: live visual, cover art, video), Fabrizio Elvetico and Marco Messina (electronics).

Loredana Antonelli ‐ visual artist with a multifaceted and articulated background (degree in Chinese Philology, BLCU master; performer with Teatro delle Albe, NTFI, ICRA project diploma). Her work focuses on the production of installations, live visuals and video art, that swing between the abstract and the real. As a performer, she has made a series of investigations on the relationship between reality/present, dream/imperfect, man/myth. As a music video-maker, she has collaborated with national and international musicians. Exhibitions: Venice Biennale 56 – section Music, Shanghai Expo, CAM, Palazzo Reale in Naples and Tianjin Museum – China.

Fabrizio Elvetico – born in Naples, he has studied piano and composition, under the supervision of Franco Donatoni. He has a long history in the field of ancient and contemporary music, free improvisation and audiovisual soundscape. Founder of Illàchime Quartet, he has collaborated with musicians coming from different areas, among whom Mark Stewart, Rhys Chatham, Graham Lewis, Salvatore Bonafede, Schneider TM, Philippe Petit, Domenico Sciajno, Retina.it, Emanuele Errante, Rossella Cangini. Since 1999 he has been the chair-holder of Harmony and music analysis, currently at Benevento conservatory.

Marco Messina – musician, producer and sound designer, historical member of 99posse, a band with which he has recorded 6 albums selling more than 500.000 copies. He has composed music for films and documentaries that have been presented and awarded in some of the most important film festivals (Torino Film Festival, Berlinale, Venice Film Festival). Collaborations: Pino Daniele, Subsonica, Motel Connection, Meg, Raiz, Alma Megretta, General Levy, Linton Kwesi Johnson, Dennis Bovell, 24 Grana, Solis String Quartet, Danilo Vigorito, Peppe Voltarelli, Roy Pacy, Her, Barbara de Dominicis, Speaker Cenzou, Retina.It, Mirko Signorile, Ringe Ringe Raia, Nino Bruno, Marcello Colasurdo, Costanza.




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