Arketype Project

Arketype Project was created by Vanessa Esposito.
An author, a composer, an interpreter and a graphic designer, Vanessa finds her energy in the rich variety of music styles. Mixing up soli and collective creations, she performs in a number of concerts and djsets between Europe and Polynesia.
Vanessa is also the producer of Mahana Bay Label.

In Arketype Project, she expresses the human heritage from tribal authenticity to transcendental trip. She offers the perspectives of a musical epic interspersed with her cultural inheritance, ethnical rhythms, electronic music and oriental refinements : her personal way to link together Nature and Technology in a multidimensional work.

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Moving about in genuine acoustics and in electric frenzy as well, like a restless explorer of philosophical and technical possibilities, Vanessa reveals personal and original aspects of interpretation.

Through a diversity of experiences and amazing encounters, she returns to the very essence of music with her acoustic instruments. She explores new music fields, highlighting the vocal parts in order to shape her own musical identity and to commit herself in a personal innovatory direction.

Arketype Project with unlimited possibilities,
The creative breath carrying the promise of a new chapter…




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  2. 2Tabu
  3. 3Totem
  4. 4Legend