Active Sound Territory

Mahana Bay Label comes from the Tahitian word Mahana which means Sun, Light, Energy, Vitality, Peace, Optimism, Creative Thought… Fare ia mahana literally means : The Home of Holy Treasure.

Mahana Bay Label is an independent label of today’s musics, World, Electronic, Trip-hop & Rock oriented.
Created in 2010 by Vanessa Esposito, Mahana Bay Label is the result of keen artists’ meeting.
A current need leads them to create an artistic platform, in order to produce their creations, and to welcome other talented artists’ projects as well.

Mahana Bay Label proposes a large panel mixing electronic turbulences with musical and visual experiments. Open to various influences, the label aims at making a catalogue which includes World music, Trip-hop, Ethno-electronic, Electro-acoustic, Electro-jazz. Ambient, IDM, Lounge, Psychill, Trance, Deep-house… Rock and Rock-electro !

The diversity of the influences and the experiences of the different composers contributes to enrich the label production, through the combination of music listening and dance-floor, as well as other activities such as lives, dj sets, videos…

Mahana Bay Label tends to develop a diverse and cosmopolitan programme of musics and performances in different artistic fields, mixing the aesthetics, opening new horizons, and upgrading the different ethnics’ cultural expressions. To explore, to search, to awake, to share… Such is the meaning of the slogan “Active Sound Territory”.

Mahana Bay Label sells its productions by direct internet downloading. The availability of this service allows a better connection between the editor and the buyers. There is also the opportunity to present new releases, avant-premières, and rarities.

The label favours encounters and collaborations, by inviting other actors such as : David Mascunan, Nico PsyArt, Guillaume Dorson, Francois Arrighi, George Bonazzelli, Laurent Crosasso, Emmanuel Gallina, Gang Corporation…

Mahana Bay Label : a label coordinating energy and action like a workmaster.