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After the eponimous EP released by Elastica Records in 2015, Godere Operaio is the new ELEM LP coproduced by Mahana Bay Label.

AUTODRONE is the fourth studio album by Barcelona based producer Sebastian Seifert. His sound combines electronic music with influences from ambient, IDM, experimental and cinematic sounds.

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Our indépendant label is happy to propose you its new mershandising entry.

A collection of clothes and accessories created entirely for Mahana Bay Label’s fifth anniversary !

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  • FLORENT ATEM Puromu Party

    20 October 2017

    They had not been seen on the Polynesian scene for a long time. Carole and Florent Atem will make their comeback in front of the Tahitian public at the…

  • MICROFEEL Postlåke

    19 October 2017

    INSIDE ZONE – The shortfilm “Postlåke” with Microfeel & Charles Satchivi !

  • MICROFEEL Mutek Festival

    22 September 2017

      MUTEK reignites its relationship with Buenos Aires after several years on pause. Latin America has figured heavily into the festival’s adventures since 2002, with first events in Argentina…

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